Best Crib Sheets for Babies 2017

Serena&Lily’s cherries print is so sweet and fresh with it’s vintage feel.


Serena and Lily’s Maritime collection is inspired by the sea and is a beautiful print for a nursery.



Margherita Missoni, the grand-daughter of famed fashion designer’s Ottavio Missoni and Rosita Missoni Jelmini designed this beautiful bright bold collection of bedding for Pottery Barn.  



Pottery Barn Watercolour Dog fitted crib sheet


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Little Auggie’s Pretty with Pink set is not really new, but I love it and it looks fresh and clean for Spring!


Artist Elizabeth Olwen designed the well nested sheet set for Land of Nod.



Serena & Lily’s Fox crib sheets are fun and whimsical.

Nursery Room Art: 4 looks you’ll love

  1. Animal Prints

Lions, Tigers, Bears, even Sharks – my two little girls love anything related to animals and from an early age have been drawn to them in books and toys and are the inspiration for many of their imaginary games – Some of my youngest daughters first words were bird and dog.

Sharon Montrose is the artist behind The Animal Print Shop and she has created a beautiful collection of her real animal fine art photography.  She has a huge following and it’s easy to see why.  Her series Little Darlings make a statement in any little girl or boy’s nursery or bedroom.

All Images by the very talented Sharon Montrose

     2. Vintage Airplane Illustrations

I love Tara Neal’s vintage airplane watercolors.  They look great in groups of 3, 6 or 9 framed with simple black or white frames.  The beautiful colours in these prints just pop and would look great in any boy’s nursery or room.  You can order these beautiful prints from Tara’s Etsy’s site.


Image via


Image Source

3. Book Cover Art

Penguin Books was launched in 1935 by Sir Allan Lane with the goal of producing high-quality and affordable paperback fiction and non-fiction to the mass market.  The distinctive tri-band cover design was created by Edward Young and used the simple colour scheme as a way of identifying the genre of the book.  Red was for drama, green was for crime, cerise was travel and adventure, dark blue was for biographies, grey was for world affairs, purple for essays and yellow for miscellaneous titles and the most popular was orange for general fiction.

The bright colours and simple design has become very popular and I’ve seen these book covers framed not only in kids rooms, but used in bathrooms, living rooms and adult bedrooms.


Image via House & Home

Osborne & Little Penguin Library Wallpaper is in a nursery for twin boys.


Image via

4. Botanicals

Maybe it’s my love of all things vintage, but I really have a soft spot for botanical prints and wallpaper that look lovely in a little girls nursery or room.

French artist Nathalie Lété has created  beautiful murals that look stunning in any bedroom.


WALLPAPER Jardin creme by Nathalie Lété,  Image Source, Image by Frances Tulk-Hart

Tracy Kendall’s Airhead scroll looks great printed in pink and framed in a simple white frame.  I once saw it featured in Andrea Lenczner’s little girls room in the September 2008 issue of House and Home and immediately fell in love with Kendall’s work.  I can’t find the image I saw in House and Home, but below the scroll in black.  Tracy Kendall’s artwork is available through Hollace Cluny in Toronto.

Anna Bond has a series of botanical prints that look great framed in pairs.  These are available through Rifle Paper Co.


Image via Rifle Paper Co.


Animal Water Colours

Penguins in tutu’s, squirrels with antlers and donuts on their head – who wouldn’t love these beautiful watercolours by Deidre Hicks.  My cousin recently had a baby girl and framed a series of her prints in her daughter’s room.  They looked beautiful and were youthful without being too cutesy or limiting to a baby’s room.  Deidre’s Etsy store is called Water in My Paint.




Teddy Bear Picnic

My youngest daughter Lauren just turned 2 and to celebrate we had a Teddy Bear’s Picnic theme to her birthday party.

One of my favourite albums growing up was Anne Murray’s There’s a Hippo in my Tub.  I literally had the album version back in the 80’s and played constantly on my fisher price record player.   My mom gave my daughters a cd of the album and instantly the song Teddy Bear Picnic became a huge hit in our house, especially with Lauren.  I picked the colour yellow for my picnic theme because it’s such a happy colour and reminds me of her.  We had the party on a warm September day and I think everything came together really well.

Here’s what I used:




Ballet Recital BBQ!


My four year old daughter performed in her first ballet recital this past June.  It was a big event and she was a little nervous, but loved being on stage and her class did a great job dancing.  To celebrate, we had a family BBQ celebration with her grandparents and decorated the backyard in ballet pink.  I used lots of pink peonies that were in season, pink tissue pom poms and paper lanterns.  I made a table skirt of of pink and white tulle to resemble a tutu.  The skirt was really easy to make.  It took some time, but I did it while watching tv at night and I think it was worth the effort.  Instructions on how to make a tulle skirt are below:


Tulle Table Skirt:

What you’ll need:

  • Tape measure
  • Tulle (Number of rolls depends on the size of your table)
  • Scissors
  • Elastic to tie around the table
  • White tablecloth
  • White velcro tape


  1. Measure the elastic so it can be wrapped around the top edge of the table with 3 extra inches so that you can tie it in the back.
  2. To make your skirt you will need to measure the hight of your table.  Cut your rolls of tulle so that each strip is double the hight of your table.
  3. To attach the tulle to the elastic, fold one strip in half and then place the loop over and behind the elastic.
  4. Take the tails of the tulle and pass them through the loop.
  5. Pull the tulle tightly so that it looks like a tie with the knot in front.
  6. Attach all the stripes of tulle.  The tighter the knots, the fuller the skirt will be and the more tulle strips you will need.
  7. I used velcro tape strips to secure the skirt at the top edge of the table.  I used around 7 pieces of velcro tape.  You could also use glue.

The Jenny Lind Crib and Bed

I had a Jenny Lind style crib as a baby and the timeless style is back and popular once again!

Some people confuse the name Jenny Lind with a company or the name of a specific crib or bed, but it is a style of furniture that goes back centuries.  The style was named after 1850s popular Swedish opera singer Jenny Lind who as legend has it slept in a bed of that style.  The Jenny Lind design features distinct spindles and square solid corners on the headboard.

Image Source for all photo’s above

Today’s updated version of the Jenny Lind crib and bed frame comes in amazingly beautiful bright colours that look great in a modern kids room as much as a traditional one.  Land of Nod has produced bed frames in azure, raspberry and yellow as well as the traditional white and brown.  I love that these bed frames look just as great in a little girls room as they do in pre-teen or teen room.

Image Source

According to an article in Design Sponge by Amy Azzarito:

  • The earliest spool-turned beds have long straight lengths of turnings because that was initially the easiest style to produce
  • 1830 – headboards and footboards about the same height
  • 1850s – spool-turned furniture was made with rounded corners because spool-turners developed a method of bending the spool turnings.
  • Midwest and Southern spool beds have a tall-posts (somewhere from 5 1/2 feet to 7 feet high) and were made from maple, walnut, cherry, poplar, cottonwood and mahogany. If the wood had an attractive color, it was left natural but pine and other softwoods were stained or painted.


Three Cottage Bedroom Styles for Kids

Who doesn’t love summer, especially summer at the cottage.  Endless days spent outside swimming,  dinners on the deck, family campfires, all surrounded by the beauty of nature.  I spent much of my youth either at our family cottage or at summer camp.  My grandmother had a good friend Gwen who lived in a beautiful 200 year old log cabin nestled in an apple orchard that we use to visit every summer.  I loved the woodsy smell of her cabin.  It was full of old relics, apothecary bottles, old maps, and lots of vintage furniture. Decorating a cottage bedroom can be fun because they are not meant to be serious.  When done right it can make a kids space feel magical and that anything in the summer is possible.

I’ve put together some inspiration for a few types of cottage bedrooms for kids:

1.  Rustic Cottage

The beauty in rustic cottage spaces is that they are relaxed, livable rooms that are comfortable.  I love when vintage objects are used in rustic cottage rooms because it adds a sense of history and tradition in a place where time stands still. Quilts, vintage lights, earthy tones, iron or wood bed frames and old objects come together to create beautiful rooms in a rustic cottage.

Image Source, Image Source, Image Source, Image Source

2. Beach house

Soothing colours of blues, greens, whites and tan make me think about the beach, dune grasses, sand and water.  Beach house inspired decor for cottages has a relaxed calming easy going feel which can easily be incorporated into a child’s room.  I love sail boat and vintage nautical themes in beach houses, especially in kids rooms.  Two of my favourite vintage inspired nautical fabrics that would look great in a kids room are:

  1. Sail Away by Sanderson.  The fabric is available in Sea Green and Sky Blue and also is available in wallpaper.
  2. Lighthouse and Boat Scene by Cath Kidston

Image Source, Image Source, Image Source, Image Source via Blackband Design, Image Source, Image Source, Image Source Image SourceImage Source

3. Farmhouse Inspired

Everyone is talking about farms these days.  In my community, my friends are talking about the newest farmers markets, the hottest new farm to table restaurant or selling in the city and moving to the country to enjoy the values of a simplified life.  There is also the growing demand for organic farming and a shared value of caring for the environment.

Farmhouse decor is all about wood, neutral spaces with splashes of bright colours, antiques, quilts and a feeling of clean, simple, relaxed comfortable living.  Some common elements of Farmhouse style used in the bedroom are: painted wood walls or shiplap, wood floors,  a four poster bed or rod iron bed frames, mismatched quilts,  cotton striped rugs, antique painted chairs and furniture.


Image Source, Image Source, Image Source, Image Source, Image Source via Country Living, Image Source, Image Source, Image Source




Kids Wallpaper – Love the birds!

I love these bird wallpapers.  They’re fresh and add a vintage touch to a nursery or little girl’s room.

  1. Cole and Son – Humming birds.  This is one of the most iconic designs from Cole & Son, the wallpaper has been re-introduced in two brand new colourways.


    2. Julia Rothman – Daydream.  Hand-drawn birds and clouds float in this large scale, modern wallpaper pattern that mixes a classic design with contemporary colours.

    3. Cole & Son – Flamingos.   This beautiful vintage bird print is available in 4 pastel colourways and could grow with your child from nursery to toddler’s room to teen.

    4. Tyler Hall – Sanctuary.

    5. Schumacher – Birds and Butterflies